Train ride around Yangon

A few photos from riding the train which circles the city if Yangon. The whole train ride is three hours long and offers an interesting way to see the city. Although I have been in Yangon for two months now, I was surprised by the city that revealed itself through the train windows. It is not the Myanmar seen from taxis, buses and pavements. The old train track cuts through a different city where the new developments of shopping malls, good roads and smart cafes are yet to appear. People wash by the side of the train track, crumbing houses and shacks compete for space, lines of clothes lie flat on the tracks, drying in the sun. Then, there are food stalls, with low plastic chairs and sweeping tarpaulin covers and further from the city rice fields, country villages and agricultural markets. People climb on the train with baskets full of corn, rice and other vegetables. They heap them in great piles in the middle of the aisles then lean onto benches at the side of the carriage and watch as the train circles into Yangon central station, then out again, to make another turn around the city.









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