Mine. It is mine. I have chosen to portray this week’s photo challenge theme as a celebration, as a proud declaration. I did this. This is mine! This is my business, this is my art, this is my home, this is my family.

The images are from rural Nicaragua where I worked for two years with communities in the Northern areas. They show people proudly displaying something they have created, something they built for themselves or their families.

A woman cooks breakfast for her family in the Canon de Somoto, Nicaragua. She proudly serves up the traditional corn tortillas and beans at the table.

A man displays his art work in Tisey in Nicaragua. The image is a drawing of the cathedral in Esteli. He proudly shows tourists around his mountain home and characters carved out of stone.  A whole world that he created with his own hands. (See The Mountain Sculptor of Tisey).

A woman displays her art. A doll’s house built from local materials in Penas Blancas, deep in the Northern mountains of Nicaragua.

A woman in the town of Matagalpa proudly cooks up corn at the Corn Festival. She is a small business owner and proud to say that this business is her own.



  1. When I looked through these photos, I realized just how much we take for granted. I’m happy with my home too, and I shared the emotions of these people. Thanks for reminding us of the hidden joys, and just how important they are to the soul.


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