Story Number One: The Mountain Sculptor of Tisey

In the Northern mountains of Nicaragua, just before the town of Esteli there is a small area of pine forest called Tisey. In that park there is a farmer who has devoted his life to art. His master piece is not a canvas. Rather, he has made his home his canvas, his land his canvas and he has drawn onto this canvas.

Behind his house he has worked with a small knife to carve creatures, stories and people into the rocks of the mountains. There is a  an alligator rock sitting in the ground. There is a large elephant coming out of a cliff. In the countryside of Nicaragua he has drawn the skyscrapers of Manhattan; Atlas holding up the world; Jesus dying on a cross.

“There is another elephant” he smiles, showing visitors around with enthusiasm. He doesn’t mention that these are the only two elephants in Nicaragua.

If you didn’t know about it, you would never find this place. Tucked away, far from the road. Perhaps that is the case, so often it is easy to walk past the extra-ordinary, to dismiss it, to not notice. Here, if you walk behind this small one room house, through the trees, you discover another world.  A world of fantasy, of creativity and of friends. A whole creative life whittled into rocks. The only elephants in Nicaragua, and they are smiling.


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