To Publish Or Not To Publish

“The poet has a responsibility not only to his or her art, but to the world, to publish, and to

have publication as an end goal for the work.”

– Maggie Ball, Poet –

I like this quote by Maggie Ball, yet in reality, I think it takes time to find the right mindset to publish. It took me a long time to have the confidence to seek publication. It seems to take longer to find journals which will accept that work.

I find that as you decide to share your work as a writer, a whole new question emerges, about the motivation for wanting to publish. Ego wants to step in. It is no longer just about writing. It seems to be a fine line to walk between ego and the desire to share. And it is not an easy place to find balance.

Yet as I travel along this publishing journey, (and it is still in its beginning stages) I feel inside of me that the writer, not the ego is excited. It motivates the writer to write more, because that writing is going somewhere. The writer realises that she is being recognised, not by the world, but by me. The write knows that I care enough about her words to send those words out into the world. And so she writes more.

What is your experience of sharing your writing?

Do you have any inspiration for writers like me who are setting out on their publishing journey?


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