New Audio Poem: Walking Three Miles

A new audio poem from one of my poems published in 30 Poems in 30 Days.

This is a collage poem, made up of lines from three other poets: Ambika Tawlar , Chris Donegan and Philip Marley.

I really enjoyed seeing what you can stitch together from other poems and how you end up with work which is quite different and has a different message from the work of the other poets.

‘A month ago I walked three miles…

I am too much woman for this.”

Hope you enjoy.

Walking Three Miles Audio


New Poem: The Start of The Past

Hi everyone,

A new poem of mine is published in Liminality Poetry Journal. I wrote this piece about seven years ago when I visited Mexico. I was fascinated by Mayan temples, the life of Frida Kahlo and the names of the metro stations, all of which feature in the poem.

“Diego paints streaming skyscrapers which Frida
climbs to a mega-top.
Daring to look down she exclaims:
I know this view but it is… only you!”


I was happy to finally find a home for this piece. It gave me hope to keep persisting through the many rounds of submissions to find a home for  individual poems.

Each poem was worth the time and energy it took to write, so it is also worth the time and energy to find it a literary home.

Thanks for those at Liminality for accepting it to appear beside some other great

You can read the poem here.


Poetry Collection

My poems are now available as part of an anthology 30 Poems in 30 days alongside some other great poets.

The book features a mixture of poetry prompts and poems from different poets and challenges you to rise to the challenge of writingn their own 30 poems in 30 days.

Available here on Amazon.

30 poems 30 days

The collection was put together by Kimberly Burham and Lisa Sawyer and proceeds go to support Tiferet Journal. A big thank you to everyone whose energy and time went into making this happen.

See what you can create in 30 days!


New poem in Tiferet Journal

My poem Goddess is in this summer edition of @TiferetJournal. Do go check it out alongside the work of other writers who participated in the Tiferet 2015 Poemathon.

The poem is inspired by this painting ‘Mother of the World’ by Russian painter Nicholas Roerich.


She is all bird wings and thistles
all deer toes and sand banks.
She is all hanging lampshades and fairies.
She is the edge of a cliff.